Monday, January 25, 2010

My top 5 common problems in software/ web development process

Software or Web development has many risks associated with it. Some of them may be planning risks, which becomes responsibilities of all stakeholders involved in the project, some may be software risks, which are more closely connected to the day-to-day development process. Other risks may be inherent from general software development or may be specific to the software environment.

Here are the top 5 common problems in web development process.
  1. Poor Requirements: If the functional requirements of the features are unclear, incomplete, too general or requirements that are not testable, there might be a problem in the development process.
  2. Unrealistic schedule: If too much features are to be developed and tested in too little time, problems are inevitable.
  3. Inadequate Testing: If the software is released or published with out adequate testing, no one will know whether or not the software is any good until the customer complains or system crashes, which will guarantee a bad reputation for the organizations and its process.
  4. Additional Feature Requests: Request to add new features during or after the development process is underway is very common practice. This would add tremendous pressure on developers and testers, and the software quality will be compensated if this is not taken in to account during project scheduling process. 
  5. Miscommunication: If customers have erroneous expectations, project managers don't know whats is required, developers don't know what is needed or testers don't have sufficient functional requirements, problems are guaranteed.

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